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Ray Arachelian ray at
Sat Aug 5 14:16:31 CDT 2006

Don Y wrote:
> I put 64M in my Voyager but want to upgrade the 800M (?)
> drive.  Unfortunately, small SCSI drives are hard to find.
> And, the display on the Voyager is painfully small.

You're lucky to have found the RAM for it - those are rare.  There are
2.5" SCSI-IDE bridges out there, if the drive bay is large enough to
hold a slim 2.5" drive + the bridge, you can do it, but you'll have to
edit the format.dat parameters for the drive.  Likely you won't be able
to format to the exact capacity of the drive if it's over 4GB's, but
even if you squeeze 16GB out of a 20GB IDE drive, it'll be great.

I used these (scsi-ide-bridges) in my old SPARCbooks.  (see: )  Ran beautifully, and a lot
faster than with the older 1GB/2GB scsi drives since you can use
5400/7200RPM drives.

I bought mine from dirtcheapdrives, but they no longer seem to carry
them, so you might have to google around.  I was looking around for some
just now to give you a link, but most of the ones I see are for 3.5"
drives.  Sorry.

These guys make'em (ADTX):

This one probably won't work work, but I'm not sure:

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