Macs and PCs vs workstations

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Sun Aug 6 09:24:36 CDT 2006

At 7:34 PM +1200 8/6/06, Ethan Dicks wrote:
>On 8/6/06, Zane H. Healy <healyzh at> wrote:
>>Last version of OpenVMS for the VAX is 7.3, 7.3-1 is Alpha only.  I
>>believe the last version of VAX/VMS was 5.5-2H4.  Yeah, I'm picking a
>>couple nits here :^)
>I've run 6.0 on a uVAX-II with an RD54... it was a *really* tight
>squeeze, but it did (barely) fit.  I thought that VAX/VMS went up
>through 6.x and stopped at 7.0, or was it 7.1?  Can't say for sure
>without looking it up - since 7.0, I've been running VMS on Alpha

My point was that VAX/VMS became OpenVMS which runs on both VAX and 
Alpha with v6.0, IIRC.  The newest version to run on the VAX is 7.3. 
I've no idea if they're ever going to do one of the 8.x versions for 
the VAX.  The roadmap on the HP website might give a clue.


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