Sparcstation LX troubleshooting

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Mon Aug 7 12:16:00 CDT 2006

> I have 2 that I picked up the other day. They "appear" to power up (e.g.
> lights, drive seeking, etc). I tried 2 different monitors, but I don't get
> any video. Any troublshooting tips, or should I connect to the serial A
> port and see if there is any outut there?
> Any other things that could cause no apparent video on these units?
> thanks,
> Kelly

Connect a terminal to the Serial port.  Are you sure the monitors and
cabling are compatible?

I'd recommend looking into running either OpenBSD or maybe NetBSD on them. 
I know OpenBSD has a small enough memory footprint to fit on one nicely
(won't guarentee it's supported hardware though as I don't have any LX's). 
Even Solaris 2.6 will be painful on one.


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