Kevin Handy kth at
Mon Aug 7 12:53:07 CDT 2006

Tony Duell wrote:

>>Tony is just pulling your leg.  Some sort of newbie hazing?
>>The reality is that the CPU runs on compressed magic smoke.
>>Proof of that is that during some kinds of electrical problems,
>>the magic smoke can leak out, and it never works quite right
>>after the magic smoke leaks out.
>But doesn't that apply to all electronic components, not just CPUs? 
>Certainly the resistor I was using earlier today stopped working after 
>the magic smoke came out (so I assume said smoke is what made it work).
Be careful with that stuff!

Do you realize how many magic faries to need to squeeze
to get enough magic smoke to build a whole computer?
And then you end up throwing it in the dumpster!
Faries don't grow on trees (well, actually many do,
but you get the idea)

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