Need help with LAT > SSH tunnel

Kevin Handy kth at
Mon Aug 7 18:40:59 CDT 2006

Julian Wolfe wrote:

>Does anyone know if there is an easy way to forward a LAT connection to
>either SSH or Telnet on a VMS 8.2 machine?  I have a PDP-11 running RSTS/E
>that has no form of TCP/IP available, only LAT and DECnet, and I want to
>make it available via SSH connection through the VMS system. Any help would
>be appreciated.
1. What I did to get an old VAX/VMS available from the NET
(through a firewall) was to forwared SSH to a Linux box, and
from there I can telnet (and LAT) to the VAX.
(VMS version was too old for SSH to run directly).
The Linux box was there already for other purposes.

There is a LAT package for Linux.
but I've heard that it may have problems with RSTS/E. Since
I don't have Decnet for RSTS/E, I never tried it, but it works
well enough to talk to VMS and DecServers.

You could set up a dummy user (conn?), or auto-login based
on the origin of the port. Then with some games with either
the login scripts, or its shell, you could automtically forward
(LAT) from Linux to RSTS/E.

2. Using a VMS instead of Linux as the base system, I'd create
a special user (conn?) without a password, and create a captive
account with a LOGIN.COM script to 'set host' to the RSTS/E

You *may* need to wrap the 'set host' thusly in a COM file to
allow user typing to make it through (not sure it's necessary):

  $ define/supervisor_mode/nolog sys$input sys$command
  $ deassign/supervisor_mode sys$input

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