Scouting Mission

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Tue Aug 8 08:26:42 CDT 2006

> The terminal could sit on your desk. 9 Multibus slots, no disks
> The deskside is the most common- 20 Multibus slots, 2 5.25" FH HDD positions and 1 5.25" FH removable-media position, along
> with much dead space. Stands about 3' high.
> There are rumors of a rackmount designed to use SMD drives, for those who needed big, fast storage.

The big ones are about 5 feet tall, and generally have an Fujitsu
Eagle and a Cipher 1/2' tape drive, in addition to the processor box.
The racks are fairly standard, except the top has an odd design that
makes it look like it is wearing a hat.


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