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Tue Aug 8 18:57:22 CDT 2006

On 9/8/06 00:15, "Don" <THX1138 at> wrote:

> Pulled a Newton (110?) out of the trash today
> (complete with power, faxmodem, carrying case, etc.)
> Appears to work.
> Can these be repurposed?  Or, is it just an oversized,
> underpowered "notepad"?

Apologies for this, but what sort of politically correct homogenised
saccharined Americanised word is 'repurposed'? I don't want to get off on a
rant here but I already thought the second-hand market was going nuts with
words like 'pre-owned' and 'pre-loved' but 'repurposed?'

We got in trouble last year because one of us had taken a bite off a
tortilla and, get this, DIPPED IT IN SOME SAUCE before taking another bite!
Horrors! The death dealing double dipper had struck! Plastic gloves all

Oops, sorry, I went all Dennis Miller there. Dipping apologies all round,
move on, nothing to see here. Computers eh. Sorry Jay, something within me
snapped and I hope I can get it fixed without spending thousands on needless
medical insurance :)

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