ComputerVision CADDStation tapes now available (sorta)

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Wed Aug 9 00:02:06 CDT 2006

Thanks to suggestions from this list I've gotten most of the CADDStation 
tapes archived into a hopefully more permanent medium.  In the event 
that there's someone out there who needs it, I've made the archived data 
available on my website at:

Hopefully, whoever holds the rights to this software (if anyone) won't 
care too much that some 20-year-old software's available for free on the 
internet :).

These are archived into separate files, one per tape file.  I used a 
variation of Scott Quinn's sh script to do the archiving.  (The other 
suggested utilities, copytape and tapeutils would only copy a single 
file and then quit, thinking that EOT had been reached.)  Use "dd" to 
put the files back onto the tape of your choice, in order. 

I have only verified that a couple of these tapes actually work on the 
physical machine (I've done my best to verify the copied bits), so there 
are no guarantees that everything works.  But the 4.2bsd tape boots when 
I copy it back to a fresh tape, so I'm hoping that all the rest bits 
made it over OK... I'm in the process of attempting to install the rest.

Interesting note, a lot of these tapes have hundreds of 0-length files 
on them; these seem to be placed between files with actual data in 
them.  I have no idea if this was a standard practice (maybe 
ComputerVision hadn't heard of "tar" :)).

Of the 50 or so tapes I've got, a dozen or so had read errors which 
halted the copying; some of these are on the site and are marked as 
"incomplete".  I'm going to need to write or find a utility that'll skip 
bad spots on the tape (dd dies on my machine even if I specify 
"conv=noerror") to archive what's left of these bad tapes.

Additionally, I'm missing a few tapes here and there, if anyone has 
copies of the following (or copies of tapes marked incomplete in the 
archive), I'd be interested in obtaining a copy:

- CADDS Object Tape, v. 6.0MA, tape 1 of 2
- Platform Applications v. 4.03 and 5.00, tape 1 of 2

Thanks again,

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