Don THX1138 at
Wed Aug 9 22:25:42 CDT 2006

Hans Franke wrote:
> Am 8 Aug 2006 23:47 meinte Don:
>> CRC wrote:
>>> On Tue, 08 Aug 2006 16:15:18 -0700, Don <THX1138 at> wrote:
>>>> Pulled a Newton (110?) out of the trash today
>>>> (complete with power, faxmodem, carrying case, etc.)
>>>> Appears to work.
>>>> Can these be repurposed?  Or, is it just an oversized,
>>>> underpowered "notepad"?
>>> I've used my 120 as a portable terminal. Not too bad if you can get by 
>>> the handwriting recognition or tippy-tappin on the little graphic 
>>> keyboard with the provided toothpick.

Grrrrr... There is (soon to be past tense!) a graffiti
cheat-sheat attached to the lid.  Since my Visor uses
graffiti, it seemed logical to assume that the same
is true on the Newton.

So, I have been cursing how piss-poor it's recognizer is!

Threw the video tape commercial/introduction into the
VCR to watch while preparing dinner...

*Ah*!  This has a *smarter* recognizer that can
apparently recognize disconnected strokes, etc.
So, don't draw T's like 7's (graffitit) but, rather,
draw the crossbar with a second stroke!

Amazing!  (of course it has issues with my cursive
writing but most PEOPLE have those same issues with it!  :>)

OK, I will have to reconsider my criticisms...

>>> A friend, a number of years back, hacked his box to be a TV remote.

This can be done with the Visor -- but kind of clumsy
since the IR window is on the *side* on the Visor...

>> Can you "install" software (like on a Palm/Visor)?  Or, do you
>> need to surgical "change it's mind"  :>
> It's an open system. just unlike the Palm, it has an OS
> worth the name, not just an underpowered bootloader.
> Install the connection software on your PC/Mac (I prefer
> an 68k as development platform for the Newt) search the
> net, and install whatever you find - and there's quite a
> lot to find.

Will do.

> Maybe first a freeze utility to 'unload' Apps would be a
> good first choice - Storage is rare, especialy on the old
> ones. But then again, huge (aka 16 MB :) PCMCIA memory
> cards aren't expensive anymore. Unlike most other devices,

Are there requirements for which types of cards it supports?
E.g., I have a spare 20M flash card looking for a use...

> where you load and run programms like on a desktop, the
> Newt never terminates an application - you install it, it
> gets loaded, and it stays loaded and 'running' from there
> on. The system is awsome - just not your standard crap.
> Back then it was from outher space, today you might call
> it a Widget-Environment with a plugin framework...
> Whatever, don't forget to get the NewtonScript development
> tools. Some OO knowledge and a bit learning required, but
> it's realy worth.

Thanks!  I'll start googling.

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