group buy for homebrew CPUs?

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Fri Aug 11 10:29:32 CDT 2006

Rumor has it that Holger Veit may have mentioned these words:
>David Griffith schrieb:
>>On Thu, 10 Aug 2006, woodelf wrote:
>>>David Griffith wrote:
>>>>I used the online chat thingy hoping I could add some to my order and they
>>>>told me that there's a few hundred or so minimum order on those.
>>>>Luckily, the 84F381 is still available from JDR.
>>>Umm  74F382's are needed too!
>Th F381 is avavailable from Unicorn Electronics, the F382 probably not.

I just checked - the F382 *is* in stock at Mouser Electronics, but it ain't 
cheap - $8.19 each in quantities less than 25. $6.83 for 25+.

=-= At least I *assume* that's expensive. Maybe that's one helluva deal - 
I've never used these critters... =-=

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