TCPware install problem

Dennis Boone drb at
Fri Aug 11 15:54:39 CDT 2006

Dear all,

Trying to install TCPware on VMS 7.3.  When I ask it to start the
services, it gives me:

	Starting TCPware(R) for OpenVMS Version 5.7-2  ...
	%RUN-S-PROC_ID, identification of created process is 0000021D
	%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  11-AUG-2006 16:24:41.25  %%%%%%%%%%%
	Message from user AUDIT$SERVER on SULLY
	Security alarm (SECURITY) and security audit (SECURITY) on SULLY,
		system id: 35869
	Auditable event:          Detached process login failure
	Event time:               11-AUG-2006 16:24:41.25
	PID:                      0000021E        
	Process name:             TCPware_DNS     
	Username:                 SYSTEM          
	Process owner:            [1,3]
	Image name:               $1$DIA6:[SYS0.SYSCOMMON.][SYSEXE]LOGINOUT.EXE
	Status:                   %RMS-E-DNR, device not ready, not mounted,
		or unavailable

	%RUN-S-PROC_ID, identification of created process is 0000021E
	%STARTNET-F-ERROR, error during execution (Starting TCPware_DNS
		(detached job))
	-STARTNET-I-SHUTNET, shutting down TCPware ...
	Shutting down TCPware(R) for OpenVMS ...
	%TCPWARE_NETCU-E-IVPORT, invalid port number or service name
	%TCPWARE_NETCU-E-IVPORT, invalid port number or service name

LOGINOUT exists:


	Directory $1$DIA6:[SYS0.SYSCOMMON.][SYSEXE]

	LOGINOUT.EXE;1        2-APR-2001 15:59:20.10  (RWED,RWED,RWED,RE)

	Total of 1 file.

I can't find the thing I missed in the installation procedure, though
presumably I did miss something.



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