ID these boards

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Fri Aug 11 18:46:16 CDT 2006

 not the boards, but

>While I'm at it, I also have a keyboard here marked "Wyse Technology 1983" 
>with a really odd 10-pin plug on the end of the cable.  Nice individual 
>keyswitches if anybody wants that for salvage,  or can use the cable. 

Can't get you the Wyse part number, but Altos (AFAIR) OEMed these terminals as the
"Altos III" terminal. Have one in the garage, gives good service. ANSI and TVI-910, with a block-mode
option. Haven't had to open it yet for any reason (already had a battery go out on a late '80s WY-150, so the
Altos seems to be pretty bulletproof). Unusual key layout, though. (not DEC VT, not PC101).

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