group buy for homebrew CPUs?

Jeff Walther trag at
Sat Aug 12 15:37:11 CDT 2006

>Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 15:58:16 -0600
>From: "e.stiebler" <emu at>

>Chuck Guzis wrote:
>>  On 8/11/2006 at 4:37 PM shoppa_classiccmp at wrote:
>>  I suspect that the legacy DIP stuff will get harder to buy new through
>>  "normal" channels, given RoHS.  In the long run, I suppose we'd all better
>>  get used to working with surface mount. :(
>Yup, get ready to solder .2 mm balls on 800 balls BGA.
>Get your toaster-oven ready ;-)

BGA components have a specification for the clearance between the 
chip package and the circuit board after soldering.   I don't think 
you could meet that just by putting the thing in the oven.

However, it might be interesting to get some feeler guages the same 
thickness as the clearance that that specification calls for, place 
the feeler guages around the edges of the chip between the chip and 
the board and then heat the chip and board until the chip presses 
down on the feeler guages.  That *should* give the proper clearance 
and therefore the appropriate solder ball "squish".

I don't know how one reballs BGA components though.  Anyone care to explain?

Jeff Walther

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