group buy for homebrew CPUs?

vrs vrs at
Sun Aug 13 10:33:47 CDT 2006

From: "woodelf" <bfranchuk at>
> Don wrote:
> > Solder paste and hot air are infinitely easier.
> > 
> But can you do POPCORN too. :)
> Still I would like to see in surface mount ---
> tiny Flip/Clips and see how small you can build
> a PDP-{Favorate  number}.

One thing that I think *would* be awesome in surface mount, 
would be to do a "scale model" based on the straight-8, with 
all those little SMT diodes and transistors, and no logic 
IC's at all (except possibly some SMT RAM to replace the core 
planes) :-).


(It might also be cool to make some of the diodes the glowing kind.)

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