Asynch designs (OT)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Sun Aug 13 12:47:47 CDT 2006

Scott Quinn wrote:
>> Yeah, they've been around for years. It's illegal to have anything capable of 
>> receiving TV broadcasts in the UK without having a licence (about 160GBP/year, 
>> approx $140US). Doesn't matter if the equipment isn't switched on - if it's 
>> capable of receiving a signal then a licence is needed.
> They're becoming worse then! It used to be black&white was exempted from the tax.

Hmm, not for a long time now - although a B+W licence is still cheaper, I 
believe. Up until a few years ago students used to be covered by any licence 
that was at their official residential address, but they stopped doing that so 
that they have to pay now too.

Given that the licence is only for the BBC channels, and I'll perhaps watch 
2-3 hours of them per week, it works out as quite an expense per programme!

> What happened to the pound? used to be substantially more valuable than the dollar.

I goofed :) I normally multiply pounds by two and then knock a little bit off 
to get a rough dollar amount - but I was half asleep this morning and didn't 
do the multiply by two bit first ;)



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