new acquisitions

Jay West jwest at
Sun Aug 13 13:19:05 CDT 2006

It was written...
>>    Wow...That's one of the very few Handbooks that I don't have.  That's
>> an excellent score.
> Hmm... I'm not sure if I have one of those or not - what machines does
> it cover?  What's the year of publication?

Microcomputer Processor Handbook, Copyright 1980

It covers LSI-11 stuff, 11/23, ba11-n, 11/03-S, 1103-L, ba11-m, 11v03-l, 
11t03-l, lsi-11/2, proms, memory systems, etc.

It is in bad shape though. Binding split in half, some pages are frayed 
around the edges, but it's all present and readable. I'm not positive, but I 
think I saw one of these on ebay a couple weeks ago.


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