jim stephens jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Sun Aug 13 13:20:03 CDT 2006

Don wrote:

> jim stephens wrote:
>> Don wrote:

> Hmmm... my U10 has VGVA and a 13W3.  I assume one
> overrides the other?
The 10 and optionally the 5 comes with a 3D Creator card.
I pulled the one I have and use the ATI vga connector, which
is just fine with anything I need to do on the sun.

>> way till the blades.  U2 etc, are 13w3 however but
>> are not as nice as the U5 because they require scsi
>> drives.
> Nothing wrong with SCSI... :>

other than price and capacity, availability.  I wish
SCSI would stay around, but I think it is headed
out in favor of SATA, as will eventually PATA

>> meece that are USB can go to PS2.
> - mice are PS2, Serial, Sun, USB, ADB, etc.
> It seems like lots of converters involved.  :-(
> Presumably the USB based stuff can be self-powered.
> Otherwise, lots and lots and lots of wall warts??
there is a molded gizmo that seems to adapt the USB

>> The Dec Vax type video and keyboards, as well
>> as the funny HP's ones are pretty much in the
>> "hide the keyboard and mouse" class.
>> AIX boxes that I am keeping must have vga
>> adapters, and ps2, though they are not w/o problems.
> Sheesh!  This sounds like a real mess!  :-(
> I assume the reason off-the-shelf devices that handle all of
> this "nicely" don't exist because most installations are
> homogenous?
really new stuff usually have integrated system complex
solutions that data centers use, and they frequently use
common VGA / PS2 KB/Mouse solutions.

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