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> > > Was the gs the 65816 box?]
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> > WDC 65C816 @ 1.0 or 2.8MHz
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> > http://oldcomputers.net/appleiigs.html
> Hm.
> I have one of those,  sitting out there in a box,  with monitor and two
> and keyboard (and I don't remember if there's a mouse with it or not).
> Anybody know what that machine will do if I just fire it up?  There are,
> unfortunately,  no disks with it,  and I really don't know what to expect.
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Unless you have a hard disk installed inside of some kind it will ask you
for a floppy to boot from (same as an Amiga). The unit (unless upgraded with
a special card) uses 3.5" DD and 5.25" DD disks. If you have an older 68K
Mac there are utilities that will allow you to make images into usable disks
for the IIgs. If you have a ROM 3 version of the IIgs and a Mac serial cable
(plus some software on the Mac side) you can network boot the machine from a


The above link has some images of games you can convert to floppy and boot
from if you just want to test the system out. Since the IIgs uses ADB
keyboards and mice any ADB Mac mouse should work on it. If you have some RAM
expansion cards you can make some GS/OS boot disks for a GUI or use older
Mac II apps and PRODOS disks via the 5.25" drive.


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