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Mon Aug 14 13:06:25 CDT 2006

Don wrote:
> Stan Barr wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Jules Richardson said:
>>> Given that the licence is only for the BBC channels, and I'll perhaps 
>>> watch 2-3 hours of them per week, it works out as quite an expense 
>>> per programme!
>> Not quite - the licence is for having _any_ equipment installed in your
>> home capable of receiving broadcast tv - _any_ broadcast tv.  The money
>> goes (mostly) to the bbc, but a licence is required for any broadcast
>> tv equipment including, but not limited to, a tv set, video or dvd
>> recorder with a tuner or a computer with a tuner.  You still have to
>> pay even if you never watch the bbc :-(
> So, the *tuner* is the gotcha?  I.e. if you used a component
> DVD player/recorder, a video *monitor*, etc. *they* would be
> exempt?

Actually, the way I always understood it is that the licence fee funds the BBC 
and isn't used for anything else (such and funding general transmitter 
install/upkeep). But the Government call it a "TV licence" even though all the 
cash goes to the BBC, and therefore you need to pay for the licence if you 
want to watch any channels, not just the BBC.

I don't know how well it's been challenged in court - but as the BBC transmits 
on slightly different frequencies across the country it'd be hard to market a 
device that was guaranteed not to be able to receive the BBC now or in the 
future, whilst being able to receive anything else.

If you use a DVD player and hook it up to a display that otherwise has no 
tuner, then you should be safe without a licence.

> If so, has this "fact" influenced the types of products
> offered there?  (e.g., tunerless products?)

Not that I know of.

I do like the BBC - their programme quality on average is far better than 
anything I've seen on satellite/cable or on the other terrestrial channels, 
but it does mean paying a lot for the 95% of programming that I don't actually 

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