PDP-8 /e/f/m memory

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Mon Aug 14 12:41:55 CDT 2006

Chuck wrote...
> I did a semiconductor memory design for the OMNIBUS several years ago. It 
> was for an -8/e and 32kW using two SRAMs. I never got to documenting it 
> outside of my notebook, but if there is enough interest, I could do some 
> schematics. It is battery backed, so its pretty much equivalent to the 
> core I was replacing.

Maybe it was your diagram I got years ago. Someone did a nice 32kw board for 
the 8e using two 2114's I think it was. I have the schematics somewhere 
still. The only reason I didn't build it right away was because at the time 
I got them, the person said "these schematics aren't quite final, there may 
have been some tweaking afterwards that didn't make it to the schematic" so 
I just sat on them.

A known working design - I'd want to build that in a heartbeat :)

Jay West 

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