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Don said:
> Stan Barr wrote:
> > Hi,
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> > Jules Richardson said:
> > 
> >> Given that the licence is only for the BBC channels, and I'll perhaps watch 
> >> 2-3 hours of them per week, it works out as quite an expense per programme!
> > 
> > Not quite - the licence is for having _any_ equipment installed in your
> > home capable of receiving broadcast tv - _any_ broadcast tv.  The money
> > goes (mostly) to the bbc, but a licence is required for any broadcast
> > tv equipment including, but not limited to, a tv set, video or dvd
> > recorder with a tuner or a computer with a tuner.  You still have to
> > pay even if you never watch the bbc :-(
> So, the *tuner* is the gotcha?  I.e. if you used a component
> DVD player/recorder, a video *monitor*, etc. *they* would be
> exempt?

Yep, one chap won a court case based on that very point!
IIRC he had a vcr, without a tuner, used with a monitor, but no tv.

> If so, has this "fact" influenced the types of products
> offered there?  (e.g., tunerless products?)
No. :-)
Almost every household has a tv, and a license - in fact if you
don't have a license they come round to check if you have a tv.
(The licensing authorities have a list of all domestic addresses
in the uk and they compare it with their list of paid-up licenses
and go visit you if you haven't got one!) 

To get back to the subject line:
The Intelasys Sea of Processors runs the individual processors
asyncronously each generating their own clock.
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The future was never like this!

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