Tim Riker Tim at Rikers.org
Mon Aug 14 17:55:11 CDT 2006

jim stephens wrote:
> Keyboards that are USB convert to PS2 with a gizmo

or rather, keyboards that are both usb and ps2 can operate as ps2 with a 
gizmo. a pure usb keyboard cannot.

Also this does not help machines with no PS2 input port. Assuming your 
KVM is switching PS2 you need usb->ps2->kvm->ps2->usb->host which will 
not work with the included "gizmos". Now there likely are 3rd party 
gizmos that are more expensive that do this conversion.

>> - mice are PS2, Serial, Sun, USB, ADB, etc.
> meece that are USB can go to PS2.

see above. Only cheap on dual usb/ps2 mice.
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