Apollo DN systems

CaptnZilog at aol.com CaptnZilog at aol.com
Mon Aug 14 19:09:22 CDT 2006

Just figured I'd post this out here... I have a  collection of old Apollo DN 
systems (3000,3010,3500,4000,4500,5500 I think sums  it up) I did a little 
work on porting NetBSD to and then have just never had the  time to pursue.  
Might be willing to part with them to someone in the New  England area, since I 
have monitors with some of them, and OS tapes, spare hard  drives, etc. 

Anyone interested, feel free to contact me... really not up  for shipping 
monitors around, but for someone fairly local with interest I might  be willing 
to do a road trip. 
email reply, or to: phufnagel at snet.net

-- Pete 

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