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Tue Aug 15 04:07:21 CDT 2006

On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 05:25:43PM -0400, Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> On Monday 14 August 2006 05:03 pm, Brad Parker wrote:
> > "Robert Feldman" wrote:
> > >>From: "Barry Watzman" <Watzman at>
> > >>Subject: Re: LCD question
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> > >>The chances of being able to successfully use an LCD panel from a laptop
> > >>for any other purpose are near zero.
> >
> > ah, beg to differ.
> >
> > I've used a few.  You have to know something about lcd panels and you
> > need an lcd panel controller which matches the 'style' of lcd, but it
> > can be done and it's not hard.
> >
> > most vga style tft panels are pretty close in spec and can be driven off
> > 3.3v or 5v ttl.
> I started the thread with a question about the backlighting (?) connector on a 
> small LCD unit,  probably a 2x16 or 2x20 or similar that I pulled out of some 
> old computer,  but this is of some interest to me as well.  I have,  in 
> storage,  a couple or three old 486 laptops,  and wouldn't mind at all 
> getting some use out of that hardware.  One screen is very obviously trashed 
> but that still leaves two more to play with and three sets of electronics to 
> try and salvage any more part out of.  So if there's something that can be 
> done with those I'd sure like to hear about it.
> If this is too OT for here,  we can take it to my list at:

Please don't take this discussion off list, I'm sure there are plenty of
us on this list with an old 486 laptop collection that needs to be

I myself had 9x 486 laptops (picked up for about R400=$60), and would
love to find a real use for the remaining 4...


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