PDP-8 /e/f/m memory

Allison ajp166 at bellatlantic.net
Wed Aug 16 06:26:08 CDT 2006

>Subject: Re: PDP-8 /e/f/m memory
>   From: Don <THX1138 at dakotacom.net>
>   Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 09:36:04 -0700
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>Allison wrote:
>>> But cache RAM is power hungry and has little practical chance
>>> of being converted to BBSRAM
>> Most are not, few if any of mine are not.  NOTE: many of those rams 
>> are CMOS and at high cycle rates the power needed is impressive but 
>> in standby and low cycle rates the power drops significantly!  Often
>> they are spec'd at they fastest cycle time for power use as thats how 
>> PCs used them.
>CMOS power dissipation is a direct function of clock frequency.
>*But*, you will find that at DC (which is where the device
>operates when in sleep mode) there are huge differences in the
>static Icc between different grades of SRAMs -- from the same
>manufacturer and P/N.

I thought I'd said that.  Bit of work history, engineer and product 
engineer for a semi company that sold micros and ram.


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