ISO: Sony "WATCHman"

Don THX1138 at
Wed Aug 16 20:51:34 CDT 2006

John Foust wrote:
> At 05:57 PM 8/16/2006, Don wrote:
>> I'm looking for a working Sony WATCHman (NOT *walk*man)
>> for a wearable I am hacking together. 
> I know that mine, like those of many others, has suffered some sort
> of erosion of the interconnect to the video display, and has 
> a white scan line running across the bottom third of the display.

Really?  I hadn't realized that there was such a "common
failure mode".  But, I am unsure of what you are describing...
Is the lower third of the display a "solid white band"?
Or, is the *retrace* visible on the lower third of the
display (i.e. the correct image is present but with a zig-zag
line "scratched" through it)?

> On the other hand, if you just need a composite-in video LCD, 
> those are cheap and not rare these days.  

I was hoping to find a monochrome CRT instead of an LCD.
Color isn't a requirement.  Monochrome LCD's are poor quality.
And LCD's impose a certain resolution on the display
contents.  The watchman was the only *tiny* device that
I could think of that fit the bill  :-(

Do you have a pointer to anything worth looking into?


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