Altos computers

Doc Shipley doc at
Wed Aug 16 21:41:26 CDT 2006

Tom Peters wrote:
> The deal to get Don's old CP/M - MP/M computers - Altos - to a good home 
> collapsed. His widow needs to get rid of them and I can't store them. 
> Here's my old message describing them. Please, someone, provide a  home 
> for this trove.
> Note: I believe that all of this material is still available. I'm hoping 
> she hasn't disposed of any of it in the meantime. I don't think she has.

   Tom, keeping up with this situation can't have been easy or pleasant. 
  It's the kind of effort that deserves recognition whether it's 
successful or not.

   So no matter how it turns out, thank you.


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