PDP-8 /e/f/m memory

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 17 17:49:15 CDT 2006

> > Firstly, this is, as I am sure you agree, not a list to provide answers
> > to members questions.
> Thank you for the clarification.  This will save me a great deal of time in
> the future not researching answers to questions.

Oh for %deity's sake....

What I meant was that this is not a list where you can expect (or should 
expect) just to get an answer to a question. There will be discussion, 
topic drift, and so on. There are, I believe, some lists where the 
members _only_ ask questions, which are then answered by private e-mail 
so the other posters never get the benefit of said answers, never the get 
the chance to comment on possible errors, and so on. I would not like 
classiccimp to go that way.

But of course you (all of us) should attempt to answer on-topic questions 
if we can...


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