stack smashing Was: Re: Scanning Formats (TIFF vs. JPEG)

Brad Parker brad at
Fri Aug 18 21:11:34 CDT 2006

Alexey Toptygin wrote:
>> Why are protections primarily reserved for OS-level tasks?  Why not subset
>> protections within the user area?  A user should be able to say that a
>> plugin or DLL should have only a certain limited number of privledges.
>This is computationally expensive and complicated. Every time you have to 
>cross a privilege boundary you have to switch context, validate any data 

I think this whole discussion is at the wrong level.  You need to free
yourself from the "C and pointers" mentality.

If the userland application programming language didn't have pointers
and had dynamic type checking you might find the whole problem just
goes away.

pointers are not your friend unless you are programming in assembler
(and believe me, C is just a nice portable assembler)

jump up a few levels.  abstraction is your friend.

(oh, and there is my "useless, off topic, and confused" posting for the
month.  just to stay on quota :-)


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