Compaq Portable III fails POST?

Don THX1138 at
Sun Aug 20 20:10:44 CDT 2006

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>> I just unpacked one that had been stored in a reasonable warehouse 
>> environment,
>> this week, and when I pulled off the keyboard, the insulation sheathing 
>> totally disintegrated.
> That's what this one did also, but there seems to be additional damage
> to the wiring inside. I don't think this one was in a "reasonable warehouse
> environment" ;)
>> This is pretty much an AT with a 30 or so entry HD table, instead of 
>> just the AT's 15 entry table in the disk extension.
>> As such, you need an AT setup disk to set the cmos if it is dead.  It should
>> boot and run either the compaq one, or the standard AT one.  If you dont
>> need > 15 in the drive type, the standard AT will work.  A lot of these
>> had drive type 2, which IIRC is a 20mb.
> I'm a Mac dweeb, so I have nothing of the sort. Where can I get an image for
> it? Is this the right one?
> I did try Compaq^WHP's site and while they had the P3 listed, the contents
> were pretty much laughable. No setup disks either, let alone manuals.

Can you accept ~1MB email attachments?  I can forward images
to you...  though you'd be on your own as to how to get that
image onto a *5-1/4"* floppy!

>> Another thing that concerns me is that you need to say whether you
>> see floppy activity, either constant (bad ps) or none at all after
>> you boot up.  You should see a floppy seek if you have a floppy
>> installed, just like an ordinary AT would do.
> Sorry, I wasn't clear enough -- there is no floppy spin. The light blinks with
> the front bezel LEDs, but there is no motor activity or seek.

Have you tried this with a disk installed AND THE DOOR "closed"?
(button pressed in all the way)

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