One for (was: Re: Archived a few PERQ games...)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Mon Aug 21 14:48:35 CDT 2006

Tony Duell wrote:
>> (on the PC this time) to read in the disk image and dump the directory 
>> structure and files to disk without too many hairy issues.  (The utility 
>> and all the files on the disk are now on my website at 
> I really must find time to look at that...

Hmm, random thought, but does it make sense to have a list on 
of what preservation work (in terms of utilities, procedures etc.) has been 
done for various machines?

It doesn't even necessarily need to be a maintained list of links - just 
recording the fact e.g. that someone out there has successfully hacked 
something to recover data off system xyz would be useful. I tend to find that 
sort of level of info isn't so readily available via google, and often am too 
busy to be able to wade through a few dozen enthusiast sites in order to see 
what people have come up with already...



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