stack smashing Was: Re: Scanning Formats (TIFF vs. JPEG)

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Aug 22 12:26:26 CDT 2006

On 8/22/2006 at 5:44 PM Jules Richardson wrote:

>Dave Dunfield wrote:

>> When I was in university (70s), I had a hot-dog cooker which cooked
>> weiners by connecting them across the 110v AC mains. This was a
>> commercially produced device.
> > [snip]
>that's fantastic! :-) (someone should start a website for general oddball 
>engineering/electrical gadgets...)

I can recall seeing one of these in the 1950's.  Made of red-and-white
styrene with carbon electrodes for 4 wieners.  The top operated  an
interlock switch.    It didn't really do a good job--the middles tended to
be undercooked and the ends tended to burn a bit around the electrode ends.

Another "simplicity itself" appliance still in production is the sickroom
vaporizer.  Nothng more than two electrodes contained in a plastic or
bakelite housing immersed in a tank of water and connected directly  to the
AC line.  Enough heat builds up by the slight conductivity of tap water to
boil it.


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