stack smashing Was: Re: Scanning Formats (TIFF vs. JPEG)

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Tue Aug 22 12:55:22 CDT 2006

On Tuesday 22 August 2006 01:26 pm, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> Another "simplicity itself" appliance still in production is the sickroom
> vaporizer.  Nothng more than two electrodes contained in a plastic or
> bakelite housing immersed in a tank of water and connected directly  to the
> AC line.  Enough heat builds up by the slight conductivity of tap water to
> boil it.

Yeah,  we have one of those someplace.  Dunno where the heck we're gonna get 
another set of electrodes for it,  though,  the ones in there are all 
corroded to heck...   :-)

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