OT: Hotdog cooker links

Don North ak6dn at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 22 17:50:58 CDT 2006

C Fernandez wrote:
> Bryan Pope wrote:
>> I wonder what would happen if you did the same thing for a hamburger, 
>> but instead of two nail use a flat round piece of metal...  Would you 
>> get a capacitive effect?
> Hmm, raw beef has a dielectric constant of 49 at 20C :-)
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
I have heard that if you did this with a pickle (preferably large kosher 
dill) that you could turn it in to a light bulb if you controlled the 
current (otherwise it becomes an exploding flashbulb). Never tried it, 
though. I like pickles too much to blow them up ;-)

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