My large font (was Re: OT: Hotdog cooker links)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Fri Aug 25 18:05:33 CDT 2006

aliensrcooluk at wrote:
> I surf using my Sega Dreamcast (games console
> launched in 1998 in Japan, and 1999 for UK and USA)
> and I use the Dreamkey 3 (European) browser
> which is based on DreamPassport 3 (the 
> Japanese browser). When altering it they
> left some things in, so when I reply to emails
> via the POP3 software they are all encoded
> in the Japanese character set (ISO-2022JP),
> as Don pointed out.

Heh heh, that's sufficiently bonkers that I think I can live with it ;-)



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