OT: Hotdog cooker links

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Fri Aug 25 23:29:54 CDT 2006

David Griffith wrote:
> I did this in high school with a plain cord with a switch on it.  The
> pickle seemed to have enough resistance to not heat up the wire.  It's
> also a very good idea to do stuff like this outside otherwise you'll stink
> up your house.  The most interesting part of this stunt, I thought, was
> that only one end of the pickle glowed.
A bit of trivia, the reason you see a lot of HP/Compaq mentioned in
these is because the guys that built the Alpha chips worked at DEC,
which as bought by Compaq.  The Alpha chips were coded with EV - as in
Electro Vlassic. :-)


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