Age cutoff, was: Recommendations for operating system

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Mon Aug 28 15:20:42 CDT 2006

> Because we're social creatures I expect, who enjoy a bit of interaction
> outside of a specific topic. I can't imagine people go to VCF, say, and talk
> *only* about classic computers all day long - other things will sometimes crop
> up simply because we're human and it's natural for that to happen.

Yes, of course. This is the reason for topic drift, even if off topic.
I really do not have a problem with a thread taking a short journey
into OT-land. Many times, however, these trips go far too long, and
many people just do not know how to limit themselves. There have been
some that have lasted for days and days.

If I were to make a rule, I would say that any OT drift should only
last a few messages - then it is time to kill it, take it offlist, or
bring it back on topic.

The larger problem of people that start OT threads, however, is
something that many humans have figured out how to handle properly.
Not here.


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