Age cutoff, was: Recommendations for operating system

Hans Franke Hans.Franke at
Tue Aug 29 07:58:34 CDT 2006

Am 28 Aug 2006 22:00 meinte Jay West:

> Tony wrote....
> >> Or how about just "No beige boxes!"   ;)
> > And what have you got against HP9000s ?

> Tony's comment brings to light the obvious fact as to how difficult it is to 
> come up with a coherent definition of what's on-topic. No matter what you 
> come up with, someone can punch lots of holes in it. 

Well, isn't that the best argumentation that it is 
impossible to come up with a stone hard definition,
and that the old 10 year rule (with its first amandmend
of coolness) is a great guideline that gives a standard
but leaves all freedom to the people?

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