Statement & apology (was Re: 10 Year Rule)

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Tue Aug 29 13:32:21 CDT 2006

> From: "Jay West" <jwest at>
> Hans wrote....
> > Now, hold the horses. Has there been something I missed?
> > Like some putsch? So, who is the ruler that gave us the
> > revocation of our basic rule, right today?
> That would be me, the owner of this list. And given my past indulgence of 
> many peoples behaviour on the list, I rather resent the "ruler" and "right 
> revoker" implication/characterization that you make.
> This has been a benevolent dictatorship for a long time - since I took over 
> the list many years ago.

I usually am pretty quiet preferring not to add to the "noise" level. BUT, Jay
has been doing a fabulous job maintaining the list and providing some order.
While some may or may not like it, there HAS to be someone in charge ... and
that is Jay. He has always been open to suggestions and mildly tolerant of a
*bit* of list "noise", and I see nothing that indicates a change. Personally, I
think this list is very lucky to have someone with his knowledge, resources, and
dedication running this list ... it appears to be a mostly thankless job.

Jay, thanks MUCH for all the work you put into this list!

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