10 Year Rule

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Aug 30 00:28:27 CDT 2006

>> If you must have an easy-to-state rule, I'd much prefer the form
>> given upthread that was something like "anything well outside the
>> current computing mainstream".

> I think that's completely unworkable.

> In the next room I have a machine. It has a GUI, a mouse, bitmapped
> display, networking, and so on.  Sounds like something close to the
> modern mainstram, yes?  Well, I think it's a classic computer by any
> reasonable standard. Or do people object to PERQs now ;-).

Oh, stop manufacturing bogeymen.  I didn't say "outside the mainstream
in all respects".  Nor do I mean that; I think "outside the mainstream
in any substantial regard" or even "outside the mainstream in several
minor ways" should suffice.

But I'm not going to try to logic-chop a detailed definition.  If a
detailed definition is needed, we (TINW) have already failed.  Besides,
it's not *my* definition that matters, but *Jay's*; if he wants to pick
up my suggestion in some form, great, but that's his call to make.

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