Help ID-ing DOS backup format

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Wed Aug 30 10:45:07 CDT 2006

At 12:17 AM -0700 8/30/06, Chuck Guzis wrote:
>After writing a restore utility and restoring about 200M from QIC, I've
>identified the backup utility used.  It's Anacom Backup Elite, circa 1994.
>(Yeah, I've never heard of it either).
>This one was pretty easy--but it does raise the question "What do you do
>when the only source of the backup software is on the backup tape?" :)

Congratulations, both on getting it back and figuring out one of the 
key principles of archives.  Always write them in a non-proprietary 
format, label them correctly, and refresh at the media's half life. 
While I'm personally against using proprietary formats, I can 
unfortunately see their need when archiving huge amounts of data. 
You just have to be sure that you refresh them while you still have 
the capabilities.  Of course this last bit can apply to both hardware 
and software.


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