Statement & apology (was Re: 10 Year Rule)

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Wed Aug 30 15:57:34 CDT 2006

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 02:44 pm, Bryan Pope wrote:
> But we could probably talk about their use as tools for vintage
> computers..  ie a storage device for a Commodore 64 with a XE1541
> cable and 64HDD.  Or to archive C= diskettes by hooking up a 1541/71
> to that device with the same cable and using something like
> Star Commander.


I'm still looking for cross-assemblers for 8-bit parts,  particularly if I can 
find ones that run under linux.   I do have a Kaypro in the room that I could 
no doubt find an assembler to run on and so forth but I really don't have a 
place to set it up at the present time.  Maybe an emulator or something?  I 
do have some stuff that I think runs under dos,  but then I'd need to set up 
a dos emulator...


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