Byte magazines: 1976 - 1986

maynard at maynard at
Thu Aug 31 11:19:28 CDT 2006


   I have recently come upon a collection of Byte Magazines from 1976 
through to about 1986. It is not complete, that is I do not have every 
issue across that time span. But the collection is pretty comprehensive. 

   I have a scanner with an auto document feeder. I'd like to scan this
material in and post it online as a collection of jpgs. However, to do
this well would require destroying the bindings of each magazine in order
to get a completely flat scan of each page.


   -  Is it wrong to destroy these magazines in order to scan them 
in for posterity? 

   - Are they as rare as I think? That is, are there plenty of copies 
around such that historians and others interested in classic computing 
would not find this project of interest? 

   - Is the copyright violation involved (on 25 - 30 year old magazines) 
really an issue? 


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