Mercury cells (was e: Sharp PC-1211)

William Blair wbblair3 at
Thu Aug 31 13:01:22 CDT 2006

> > > > mercury cells.  Today, since they're illegal in the US from what I
> > > > understand,
> > > Are they?  Anybody know for sure?  I know they were hard to find last
> > > time I looked (over a decade ago) but there were some out there...
> > In 1995, I was unable to buy mercury cells for my Konica 35mm SLR.  I
> > _was_ able to find a set at a store in Christchurch, NZ.  Dunno if they are
> > still legal there or not.
> Yes, according to Camera & Camera (big local camera store in Auckland)
> they're still legal and available here (NZ).

They can no longer be sold in the US because of their mercury content.  However, when I was
investigating some time ago if there were any compatible substitutes for the mercury cell used in
the metering system of an old Yashicamat 124 medium format camera I owned, the use of type AC675E
zinc-air cells was recommended.  Someone made an adapter/holder for these modern cells which was
the same form factor as the old mercury cells and intended for camera owners in this situation. 
This might give you a lead on where to look.

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