Question about Z80 ISA bus board

Joe R. rigdonj at
Thu Aug 31 18:06:30 CDT 2006

  I don't know about this particular board but several companies did build
Z-80 boards to fit into a PC an allow you to run CPM. I used to have one
made by Baby Blue or some such.


At 08:16 PM 8/30/06 -0500, you wrote:
>Hope to generate less heat this time.
>Full length ISA card, XT  card edge connection, DB 37 male connector, 
>Z80B, 8 4164's, 2 2764's, 2 Mostek MK4801AN-4's, MC1420B, 10 MHZ 
>crystal, and a handful of 74LSxxx glue chips.  Only identification 
>lettering is "BETRONIX = SWEDEN=PC84"
>Anyone have an ideal what it could be?  Betronix made circuit board 
>layout software.

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