Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Aug 31 20:21:16 CDT 2006

On 9/1/2006 at 12:39 AM ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk wrote:

>Let me know if you ever need to repair it. I've got more information that 
>I can't easily post to the list.

About the only thing I'd like to repair on it are a couple of dents in the
aluminum display bezel.  It must be glued on, because I can see that one
corner of mine is starting to lift away.  If I could get the bezel off
without destroying it, I could at least burnish the dents out and re-attach

Otherwise, my 16C has been "old reliable"--and one of the few calculators
that has no problem handing the full product of 2 64-bit numbers.  Try that
on your TI Programmer.


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