Hazeltine 'computer'?

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> Richard wrote:
> >The item is #300053801044 and has a detail photo of the model plate
> >where it says model 1DTD155463.  On the lower left rear is what looks
> >suspiciously like two DB-25 style connectors, presumably one for the
> >host and one for a printer.
> >  
> >
> the Hazeltine 2000 terminal [...]

Yes, but this is not a Hazeltine 2000.  Its too modern for that.  Plus
the Hazeltine 2000 has a different enclosure and says in huge letters
"Hazeltine 2000" on the front.  So this is something different.  I
asked him to post a detail photo fo the connectors on the bottom left.

Its always possible that Hazeltine did make some sort of weird
computer.  I just never heard of one and searching all the usual
suspects (1000bit.net, old-computers.com, etc.) didn't turn up any
computers under the Hazeltine brand.
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