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Warren Wolfe wizard at voyager.net
Sat Dec 2 04:15:53 CST 2006

On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 21:37 -0600, Mark Tapley wrote:

> At 22:18 -0600 11/15/06, Sridhar wrote:
> . . . indirect effect of the sun on the system.)
> Another cause is due to the fact that the "solid" Earth
> is really a composite system, with many different solid
> and liquid components, many of which may be rotating 
> with respect to one another and causing various
> interactions.

    When speaking of global phenomena, I like to look at the "big
picture," as it were.  And the big picture is that the object most of us
here would recognize as most similar to planet earth is a ball of solder
with a scum of rosin remains and dust floating on the surface.  Make the
molten part liquid iron, and the scum granite, and you have an accurate
(within engineering tolerances) scale model of the planet.  Float it in
vacuum for a few billion years, and see what develops.

> 	I think I will stop there, acknowledging that
> I'm still oversimplifying.
> . . .
> Sorry for the delayed-gratification nature of this post; I'm 
> just getting back from 2 weeks' vacation.

    Okay...  It's good to know you are back -- some of the most recent
deliveries of dwarfs had some samples that were out-of-tolerance.


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