Hazeltine 'computer'?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sat Dec 2 09:18:00 CST 2006

On Dec 1, 2006, at 12:30 PM, Richard wrote:
> A guy on ebay is selling something that looks suspiciously like the
> monitor portion of a terminal, but he is calling it a Hazeltine
> 'computer'.  I asked him if it was a terminal and he responded saying:
>     "Its a computer, not a monitor."
> Either he didn't understand my question (I didn't ask if it was a
> monitor, I asked if it was a terminal) or he had a brain-fart and
> typed "monitor" instead of terminal in his reply.
> The item is #300053801044 and has a detail photo of the model plate
> where it says model 1DTD155463.  On the lower left rear is what looks
> suspiciously like two DB-25 style connectors, presumably one for the
> host and one for a printer.

   This is the monitor half of a Hazeltine Esprit terminal.  I had  
one on my desk for many years; it is hands-down the best terminal  
that I have EVER used.  I'd just about kill for one now, but I've not  
been able to find one.  Sadly, this one is useless because the  
keyboard is missing.



Dave McGuire
Cape Coral, FL

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