OT: Dwarf Engineer

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Sat Dec 2 17:33:47 CST 2006

Mark Tapley wrote:

> ObCC: since the hardware will take more than 10 years between 
> construction and flyby at Pluto, it'll be classic before it's ever used 
> for its designed purpose. (Well, there is a Jupiter flyby...)
> This is a great opportunity to thank everyone on the classic-computer 
> list for the accumulated wisdom I've gleaned over the years about what 
> works and what doesn't in keeping old systems running. A lot of what I 
> learned here went into the Longevity Plan for New Horizons. Many and 
> diverse thanks to all!

I take it that all the data returned uses well docmented formats on paper?
I got thinking that some data was lost from early 1970's because nobody
could un-encode the mag tapes.

It is a good thing this about computers, I was expecting D&D type dwarfs.
Ben alias woodelf.

PS. I still have to grumble at the US and the captive politics that don't
permit free access to space. Is the project pluto project classified?
The whole purpose of knowlage is that is you can learn from mistakes.
The biggest mistake I see off hand is this is *NOT* a long range plan.
Send me all the design data I  am sure to honest comments about the design.
I am no egg-head but even I can see that the problem still stems from the
fact the *EARTH* has no re-usable (unmanned) cargo shuttle to space.
The launch 'rocket' still I suspect limits you to '60's payloads thus
I don't see much of a change in what kind of mission to the moon & planets are used.
I suspect you all fight over this years budget, and nothing gets built except
what the dictator of budget feels is most important for the ego of the USA.

Reusable techology I belive is the way to with any space-program with a long
range goal. This starts with rocket fuel and ends with electronic components
since someday one  must depend on something other than the earth for repair
and replacement parts.

Now that the probe to pluto is mostly built, why not try a design using
1970's ideas like the movie 2001 and see just where NASA has made a wrong
turn in single mission projects.

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